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As the Chairman of the Board, I often make the case that the Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM) is a unique resource in the field of security and emergency management training and consulting organizations.


I can make this claim for three reasons.

First, C4SEM is built upon an academic model through which we provide both objective research and a client-centered myriad of security services and training. Our mission and vision are shaped by our core values, ensuring that those services and training are insightful and technically rigorous. Our core principles and extensive military and law enforcement experience keep our programs and services rooted in the real world, the world that our clients are facing today.


Second, all of the work that we do, be it providing security service, investigation, training, consulting, or research our mission projects are formed by our systems perspective. That perspective begins by recognizing that there is no single solution. Security and emergency management depend on a complex fabric of national and international security policies and politics that are constantly interacting, evolving, and ultimately shaping our strategies. As leaders, we are trained to see and understand the larger environment in which problems arise and for which sustainable solutions can be crafted.


Finally, the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds found in our team is matched only by the diversity of clients whom we serve and the challenges that we address across the continuum of security and emergency management programs. We have many voices within our organization but only one purpose: to deliver comprehensive, systematic solutions that improve safety and security.


Thank you for visiting our Web site. We hope you return often.


Dr. Rastakhiz

Chairman, Board of Directors




Build A Strong Team

Our Team


Richard L. Herrington

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps. (RET)


Senior Advisory Board Member

Military Program Director

Louis Cannon

Director of Operations

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 1, Trustee at Large - Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 1, Past President - DC Protective Services Police Department, Chief of Police (RET) - Office of Naval Intelligence, Chief of Police (RET)

John McNamara, MD MPH 

LT COL, U.S. Army (RET)

VP. Senior Advisory Board Member

Medical Safety and Inspection Program Director


Ashour Ebrahim, JD

Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent

VP. Senior Advisory Board Member

Counter Terrorism Program Director

Joseph E. Fallon, MA

Former U.S. Army War College/Amry Intel

VP. Senior Advisory Board Member

International Affairs

Dr. Kanwar Habib Khan

USAID International Program Expansion (RET) Former Stratford University - Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

VP. Senior Advisory Board Member

Senior Academic Director

John Clouse, MS

Major, U.S. Army

Homeland Security Programs

Curtis Bartell, BA

Senior Advisory Board Member


Hank Hedges, MS

Senior Advisory Board Member


Klaus Werner, PhD MA

Senior Advisory Board Member

Lynne Derbyshire (CRN)

ER DC Children's Hospital

Executive Officer

Director, First Responder Training Program


Maverick Rastakhiz

Muncie Police Department

Security and Investigations Programs Director

Carl Barber Jr.

Gaston Police Department

Chief of Operations Security Program

David M. Walton, MS CPP CHSM

County Prosecutors Office

Criminal Investigator (RET)

Investigations Program Director

Kelly Hussung

Director of Marking and Business Development


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