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Homeland Security Training and Certificate Program

If you're interested in pursuing a career in the Homeland Security field, it's important to pursue professional certification before you enter the job market. This field is very competitive, and it changes every day, if not even faster. Employers who staff homeland security positions look very favorably on candidates who have earned professional credentials relevant to the jobs for which they are applying.
It's very difficult to break into an entry-level position in this field without at least one or two entry-level certifications. Many employers will not even consider hiring staff members who have expertise and skills; having a high school diploma or a college degree can help a candidate get a "foot in the door". To keep it there or be able to use it to "climb up the ladder", they need to pursue professional certifications that will help qualify them for higher-level positions or ones that branch into other aspects of the homeland security field.

Because homeland security jobs require very complex skill sets that are often not well understood by hiring managers, it can be hard for them to decide which candidates are the most qualified without some type of third-party validation. When an applicant has particular professional certifications, the employer can be fairly confident that the individual possesses skills in line with those designated by his or her earned credentials.
This means that employers who know which certification exams represent the skills needed to perform particular jobs can be assured that candidates who have passed those particular tests have the technical skills needed to do the job. Of course, this doesn't mean the candidate will be a good fit for the organization, but the fact that the interviewer can be comfortable that the basic skills are there can focus on other relevant issues during the interview process.
Professional certification has a major impact on promotions and salaries. High school diplomas and college degrees are necessary to get a "first job" in the field, but continued credentialing has become a necessity for moving ahead.
In our school, we interact with homeland security professionals regularly. The ones who are the most successful in their careers are the individuals I see over and over. They keep coming back to take new exams and earn additional certifications. This allows them to demonstrate their value to their employers and makes it possible for them to be eligible for promotions and pay increases.
If you are interested in perusing a certification, we encourage you to contact us and speak with one of our student representatives. 
C4SEM™ offers Training programs in four primary disciplines: Counter Terrorism, Criminal Justice, Security, and Emergency Management; and two types of Certifications: Professional and Academic Professional Certifications are offered to the candidates who meet all the requirements and all they need is the certification exam. Academic Certifications are offered to those candidates who have an interest in the field but need additional training to meet the certification exam requirements. Candidates are accepted into the program before they can enroll. Submit your application package now. 
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Why are credentials Important:

Some jobs have certain professional and technical standards. Credentials – certifications, and licenses – show that you meet these standards. For example, an engineer can show his Professional Engineer (PE) certifications to an employer to document that he has specific skills and knowledge. In the civilian world, credentials may be required for a job or can make you much more likely to be hired for a job.


Getting a certificate proves your commitment to upgrading your skills, and gives you the credibility needed for more responsibilities, larger projects, and a higher salary.


For soldiers, sailors airmen marines civilian credentials are important for two reasons.

  • When you transition back to civilian employment, credentials help you translate your military training and experience into something civilian employers can easily recognize. That can help you get hired, get a better job, or be promoted sooner.
  • The Army encourages the pursuit of certifications not only because it improves the professionalism of its workforce but also because getting certified can help you in your Army career while you're still in service. Promotion Points are now awarded for approved technical certifications for enlisted Soldiers.

C4SEM certifications are designed primarily for the Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and those who are involved in or manage homeland security programs.


Industry and/or employers are actively seeking personnel holding C4SEM credentials including?

•     Federal, State, Local, and tribunal Government Departments, and Agencies

•     Federal, State, Local, tribunal Law enforcement, fire Department and Disaster Management Agency

•     Corporations, Hospitals, Universities, Utility companies, Hotels, etc.

•     Defense and civilian federal contractors and direct GSA vendor and service providers

•     Security and consulting firms

•     International consulting organizations

•     Builders and commercial construction firms


To apply for certification:

  • Click on the Certification tab and review the requirements for the Certification program you would like to apply.

  • Click on the Student Resources tab on the left side. There you will find our online Enrollment Form.

  • All Applicant who is applying under VA/GI Bill/COOL program is required to email or fax a copy of their DD-214, Mil/VMAT/AARTS/SMART, and or college transcripts and resume to the Registrar’s Office:
    Registrar Office
    Fax: (202) 318-0333

  • Contact your training NCO or POC and notify them of your eligibility.  Please ensure that you have filed your voucher with your command’s approval so that they may process your request. Let the registrar's office know once you have done so and I will contact them as well to verify your approval.

Take Charge of Your Future: Get the Education and Training You Need.

Get Certified!

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