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Whether you need to take notes, or use it as a self defence tool, this pen won’t fail -- regardless of whether it’s cold, wet, dry, or muddy.

This pen comes with a hardened carbide tip that can safely smash through glass and aid in your escape if the unthinkable happens, leaving you trapped and in danger.


  • Aviation aluminium material is used for making this tactical pen
  • It is available in Black, Gray, & White color


Product Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Tact-Pen made of Aircraft Aluminum with Carbide Tip.
  • Can be effectively used for emergency situations. This pen is lightweight, portable and durable.
  • Features an ultra-durable Carbide Tip Glass Breaker, which can be used to break glass in any emergency.
  • Diamond Thread Design at the handle, which provides excellent grip, anti-skid features and durability to fray wires.
  • Compatible with Standard Refills.
  • It can be clipped to shirts, blouse, suit, pocketbook strap, pockets.

Self Defense Tactical Pen with Carbide Tip

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