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Mission Assurance

Organizations need more than simple preventive technology to guard against today's shifting known risks and unknown threat landscape. As a trusted organization, the C4SEM team of subject matter experts (SME) goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional preventive approach, providing a highly effective and scalable service that protects your organization against known and unknown risks and threats. C4SEM constants and SMEs act as an extension of your team protecting your critical resources, employees, and assets by assisting you to develop comprehensive preparedness, planning, and response plans and strategies with viable countermeasures in place to prepare for any type of event. 


Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.


The center's mission assurance program is focused on organizations' and first responders' capabilities in response to terrorists, their strategies and tactics, and their objectives, resources, and capabilities for creating MUD (multilateral unconstrained disruption). The Center makes projections on future terrorist actions and develops improved systems for protecting vital institutions and interests and provides certification and training.

We specialize in identifying, remediating, and monitoring risk across your enterprise. We address each client issue with a unique team tailored to your situation.  C4SEM clients include Schools, Hospitals, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, Corporations, and Manufacturing Industries.


C4SEM consultants are highly trained subject matter experts in all areas of emergency management and physical security assessment, design, and implementation. Our team knows threat assessment and risk analysis, integrated physical security systems, and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. In addition, C4SEM staff our staff have experience managing and working with law enforcement, Force Protection, and private sectors across industries. ​

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis of critical assets

  • Design consulting and evaluation of integrated physical security

     systems & measures

  • Information Security and proper classification markings

  • The appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation

     of security measures

  • Continuity program

  • Contingency planning

  • Emergency Response Strategies

  • Personnel Security Consulting

  • Physical Security Consulting

  • Industrial Security Consulting

  • Security System Risk Assessment and Risk Management

  • Program and Mission Assurance

  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution

  • Physical Security Standards, Concepts, Planning, and Implementation

  • Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Conventional Arms,

     Ammunition, and Explosives

  • Countermeasures to risks identified in risk assessment

  • SCIF Security Requirements and Design

  • Physical Safeguards to IT Assets

  • Physical Security for Network Infrastructure & Systems

C4SEM Risk and Vulnerability Assessment - Organizational Mission Assurance

Security Vulnerability and Risk Assessments are an excellent way to evaluate existing security and emergency management programs. This a great first step to take before making security improvements at the facility or when trying to solve specific security or continuity of operations problems.
During an Assessment, all aspects of the security and emergency management programs are inspected, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for s improvements are made. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified. In General, the context and risk assessment are the foundations of:
•    Protecting an organization’s assets including people, tangible assets of a physical nature, and intangible assets that are intellectual and abstract (such as company reputation)
•    Understanding the relative exposure of risk for current and planned activities

•    Complying with laws and regulations
•    Identifying reasonable control measures needed to treat risk and their associated benefits


C4SEM Research Assistance Participation and Programs - The Center's projects focus on risk mitigation, management, organization, systems, tools, training and certification needs, and methods:



  • Anti Corruption Program

  • Insider Threat Program

  • Waste Fraud and Abuse


Risk Assessment and Management Standards

  • Developed a targeted version of a comprehensive security and emergency management procedure to address the absence of clear standards and guidelines on what works and what doesn't in the world of security.

  • Design a Vulnerability Assessment System (VAS)

    • (1) establishing the data and analysis capabilities of the system so that they can be readily employed by security managers at all levels; and

    • (2) developing and testing the associated training programs.


Communications and Interoperability

  • This area of C4SEM support focuses on identifying and disseminating easily adaptable communications procedures that meet the needs of all levels of security and the emergency management arena.

  • Develop clear communications standards, guidelines, and procedures for first responders.


Attack Indicators

  • Identifying potential attacks:

    • Based largely on the application of strategies, resources, and methods, derived from the information produced by standard international and domestic intelligence operations.


Indicators of Domestic Radicalization

  • SEMs focus on individuals and organizations to identify indicators of terrorist actions. This research will focus on populations demonstrated to be prone to radicalization, such as prison inmates and ex-offenders.


Security and Emergency Management Strategies.

  • Developing guidance for a comprehensive response strategy

  • Identify strategies for conducting the war on terror, and.

  • Identifying resources needs and deployment strategies.


Irregular Warfare Program Support

  • Conduct systematic research based on the operational capability analysis to enable client organizations to better apply indirect and asymmetric force to identify, disrupt, deny, and destroy hostile organizations and their supporting enterprises.

  • Conduct systematic operational analysis to synchronize interagency irregular warfare efforts.


Managed and Operated By Police Officers

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