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Frequently Asked Questions

C4SEM offers 24/7 expert security services nationwide with offices in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Indiana to meet your business's specific needs.


What are some of the benefits of having a well-trained security guard service?

A well-prepared security plan can help reduce costs and create value for businesses. Well-trained security personnel protects employees and customers. Quality security officers can provide an image of professionalism. Most importantly, highly visible uniformed security guards provide a sense of security to customers. Security guards also help to deter would-be criminals. A vigilant security guard can help to detect any criminals that are not deterred and, if necessary, provide testimony in court. Guards also deter employee theft. The risks of fire are greatly reduced by security officers. Early detection of fire can save large amounts of money in many cases. Having the right proactive security in place can be very valuable. Here are just a few of the services we can offer:

  • Theft prevention (from both shoplifters and employees).

  • Crowd control for large events such as festivals or concerts.

  • A physical presence to deter crime at social or business gatherings.

  • Ongoing security presence at a store, a facility, an apartment building, paid parking lot, or a construction site.

  • Evening escort for guests or employees walking to cars.

  • Adherence to venue regulations if alcohol is being served.

  • Personal protection in times of business or personal need.

  • Executive protection for a company.


How much notice is required for requesting security services?
We need at least a 15-day notice, but depending on your circumstances, and the location C4SEM Rapid Response Team can respond at a moment's notice in an emergency.

What do I need to know when hiring off-duty Police Officers or Special Police Officers for an event?
C4SEM Off Duty Police Officers and Special Police Officers are licensed by the State as Peace Officers and they can provide security for an event in which physical intervention may be required, such as a dance, party, or reception where there is a large crowd or an event in which alcohol is being served. Police Officers are also available to provide traffic control for events such as fun runs, bicycle rallies, and other events that draw additional vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.

Police officer and supervisor services costs can vary. C4SEM officer or supervisor needs to be hired for a minimum of three (3) hours per event or six (6) hours for executive protective services. Clients should be prepared to provide a Fund/Dept ID/Program number or billing address along with the organizational, or departmental accountant contact information upon request of the service. If you would like to hire off-duty police officers for your facility or event, please click on the link to the right to complete an online request form. Once you submit a request form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within two days. Please submit the form at least two weeks before your event. If the event is less than two weeks away, complete the request form and call us to determine whether or not we can provide personnel for the event.


Why shouldn’t we hire a police officer ourselves?
Law enforcement organizations and officers are faced with growing scrutiny which places liability directly on them and companies who hire them. C4SEM carries a comprehensive insurance policy to mitigate liability and risk to agencies and our clients.


How much does security service typically cost?

Cost can vary based on several factors and specific needs. Services are charged on a per-hour. In general, rates will depend on the level and the type of coverage, as well as the risk level of the job. Request a quote online.


Do you require a down payment or a retainer?

Depending on the venue, C4SEM may ask for a down payment or retainer for special or large events. Request a quote online.


Does C4SEM offer "Executive & Dignitary Protection"?

C4SEM offers versatile law enforcement officers who work in high-pressure environments daily. C4SEM’s guard services employ active off-duty uniformed or plainclothes police officers to escort VIPs, dignitaries, and executives.


Does C4SEM offer security and industrial critical infrastructure protection to schools, hospitals, and private sector facilities?

C4SEM furnishes off-duty police officers and highly trained security officers to secure personnel, inventory, equipment, and property. C4SEM serves as a crime deterrent whether on foot or vehicle patrol utilizing government-issued vehicles.


Can C4SEM provide K9 services and vehicle patrols for Property Management & HOA?
Nightly patrols and community meeting security by the use of active off-duty police or highly trained security officers ensure safe neighborhoods and the protection of personal and commercial property.




Does C4SEM offer security services to Retail & Restaurant?
Retailers and restaurants have temporary heightened security needs for special events, product launches and holiday shopping suited to trained security officers and law enforcement personnel.

Can C4SEM provide and onsite guar for construction sites?

Onsite security in marked vehicles protect workers, equipment, and material by discouraging criminal activity and theft.

Does C4SEM offer security services to Financial Institutions?

Highly visible off-duty police officers and highly trained security officers will create a secure banking environment by significantly diminishing unforeseen criminal activity. 

Can C4SEM provide safety officers for heavy highway construction?

C4SEM law enforcement officers and highly trained security officers comply with state and local traffic laws to keep traffic flow moving while ensuring workers and the general public's safety.


Can C4SEM provide security services to gated and secured facilities and communities?

C4SEM and highly trained security officers and police officers will ensure property and assets are always safe. Officers are armed, have powers to arrest and may be in uniform or undercover at the client's discretion.

Does C4SEM have officers to support hospitality & tourism?
C4SEM's highly trained security officers and Off-duty police cultivate a sense of security for travelers. C4SEM retains veteran officers with the experience to effectively minimize criminal activity.

Can C4SEM provide cargo transportation & logistics escorts?
C4SEM utilizes highly trained security officers and off-duty police officers to safeguard premium cargo to avert costly theft. Active officers travel alongside shipments to final loading docks or retail depots leaving a GPS footprint every step of the way.

Does C4SEM have Disaster Response and Active-Shooter Team?

Extreme weather, industrial and manmade emergencies often require an immediate response to promote public safety and deter criminal activity such as looting and vandalism. C4SEM off-police officers and highly trained security officers can respond with short notice.

Can C4SEM provide security services Special Events?
C4SEM has an extensive national network of highly trained security officers and off-duty police officers to provide crowd management and traffic control to a wide variety of venues and events.

Q: Do accept credit card payment?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. Click here to pay your bill online.

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