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Off Duty Law Enforcement Officers

Off-Duty Police Officer Security Services

If you’re looking for off-duty police officers for hire, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing off-duty police security services to businesses and communities since 2010. Whether you’re looking for security for a special event or you’re interested in creating an extra layer of protection for the gated residential community you manage, deciding to hire a highly-skilled off-duty police officer through us is one of the smartest decisions you can make.


The most effective crime deterrent is a visible police presence. If a crime occurs, police officers are already on the scene and can take immediate action for your protection. Off-duty police officers are used for various types of security. Our off-duty law enforcement personnel are armed and have powers of arrest.

In addition to deterring crime and being able to have offenders arrested on-site when necessary, using our off-duty police officer security services provides other meaningful benefits business owners and community managers appreciate.

One of the biggest advantages is that they can legally call for help from other law enforcement providers if they think illegal activity is occurring where they’re working. In many instances, an off-duty officer doesn’t have to witness an illegal activity before they call for backup. Instead, an off-duty officer simply has to suspect something below-board is taking place.

Turning to us for off-duty police officers for hire can improve your credibility and increase your goodwill, too. If you’re hosting an event, using our off-duty officers to provide security will show your guests that you take their well-being seriously, which will leave a lasting impression on them.

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Off-Duty / Retired / Prior Law Enforcement Agents  

Many of our clients request the services of off-duty / retired/prior police experience individuals for their assignment;  Having been in law enforcement for well over 27 years serving in the Military, Federal, State, and Local Government, C4SEM is prepared to quickly deploy an agent with these qualifications.  All of our off-duty / prior police officers are armed and very well-trained in law enforcement techniques and tactics.  Many have held positions on local Emergency Services Teams (SWAT), hostage negotiation teams, executive protection details, and more.


For those specific needs, our off-duty police officers have not only been trained extensively over their years in law enforcement, but they have also experienced levels of stress and high-pressure situations as part of their everyday careers.


If you feel your situation requires the services of one or more of these agents, please call us today to discuss further.  Most can be deployed in either business attire or a uniform.  Below are some situations where our officers have been deployed most frequently:

  • Traffic Control

  • Special Events

  • Employee Terminations

  • Workplace Threats

  • Escorting Courier Service Drivers

  • Domestic Standby Situations

  • Asset Protection

  • Government Offices

  • Executive Protection

  • Marked and unmarked patrol vehicles

  • Government Buildings & Offices

  • Campuses & School

  • Hospitals & Medical Center

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Retirement Homes

  • Homeowners Associations

  • Country Clubs & Gulf Courses

  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers

  • Convention Center & Malls

  • Retail Stores & Industrial Facilities

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