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Executive Protection

Customized Security Programs For Your Business

C4SEM protective services and executive protection programs are designed to mitigate risk for clients whose lifestyle, prominence, reputations, affluence, travel journeys, or professions require heightened personal security and protection. Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to C4SEM security services.

In most cases, protective services are not localized such as a client and his or her family might require protective services at home, at work, or school for the children; often limited to travel only to specific destinations.

Our approach and strategy to executive protection

C4SEM Security provides best-in-class executive protection and high-risk protective services to clients in the public and private sectors.

C4SEM's proven strategy for executive protection and protective services is based on the following fundamentals:

  • C4SEM builds a customized and viable plan around a clear understanding of the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities facing our clients.
  • We tailor it to clients’ priorities and preferences and corporate culture so that our clients can work efficiently regardless of external factors or location.

  • C4SEM agents are well-trained and carefully selected, to deliver the best mix of hard and soft skills.

  • C4SEM protective services are scalable, to respond to our clients’ ever-changing security needs swiftly and dependably.

Protective Sevices
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Executive, Celebrity, and Dignitary Protection

Our well-trained and qualified agents protect and transport dignitaries, celebrities, and high-profile and high-net-worth executives. Our Executive Protection Services Division can also provide 24-hour executive and dignitary protection at any location.

This protection can be provided on a short-term or permanent basis. As part of an all-encompassing security plan, our trained technicians design and install state-of-the-art electronic surveillance monitoring systems. These electronic surveillance systems can be supplemented with members of our uniformed division when requested. Your customized personal protection program is dependent on your needs and budget.

Highly Trained Executive Protection Agents

Our Executive Protection Team members are highly trained and in most cases active or retired law enforcement officers who currently or previously held protection detail assignments within their respective agencies.

The immediate task of our protection detail is to protect your physical well-being. With this goal in mind, our agents utilize proactive measures to identify and neutralize risks before they ever become a threat.  These agents are chosen based on their high level of professionalism, not only in their appearance but also in their ability to recognize the need for discretion and confidentiality with our clients.

We protect the following:

  •  Asset Protection

  •  VIP/Celebrities

  •  Dignitaries visiting U.S. Embassies

  • CEO’s

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Government Officials

Executive Transportation

  • SUV  limo

  • Luxury SUV

  • Luxury SUV

  • Armor SUV/Bus

  • Executive sedans


Great ways to take advantage of our luxury SUVs Transport service

  • Board of Directors Meeting transportation

  • Business Meetings

  • Business Travel

  • Client Meet & Greet

  • Corporate Meeting transportation

  • Casino Transportation

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