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Certified Anti-Corruption Specialist (CACS)


The Certified Anti-Corruption Specialist certification is designed as a "stand-alone" certification. Anti-Corruption training and Certification aims to help government officials and employees, legislators, attorneys, and law enforcement officers a better understanding of corruption and how to prevent or avoid it. This certificate is also designed to meet specific training needs and is highly recommended for, investigators, law enforcement officers, attorneys, individuals in high-risk positions, program managers, and officials who need detailed guidance on how to spot and report potential violations within an organization.


(9 units)
500 Series Certification
Minimum Experience: 5 years
Certification Exam: Required


Topics to be covered will include:

  • What constitutes corruption, who may be liable for corruption, and how it may be avoided

  • The types of corruption (e.g. bribery, fraud, cartels)

  • Identifying corruption and its symptoms

  • Correlation between corruption and crime and or other unethical activities

  • Strategy for fighting corruption and building public confidence, through  effective policy and enforcement

  • Root cause analyses: extortion, financial crime, tackling fraud, transnational crime and money laundering, etc

    • understanding how many different circumstances in which corruption may impact an organization

    • guidance on "red flags" which would warn the employee about likely corrupt conduct

    • guidance on what to do when confronted with corruption

    • the reporting procedures for employees

    • the investigatory and disciplinary procedure

  • Establishing an anti-corruption agency within an organization

  • Aid and corruption, and measuring the effectiveness of projects

  • Ethics Roles:

    • organization's anti-corruption policy

    • policy on gifts and hospitality policy on facilitation payments



Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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