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Certified Evidence Collection Specialist (CECS)

This program will provide training and assistance in the proper procedures in detection, collection, documentation and preservation of all aspects of physical evidence. Topics will include: Safety, Handling of Evidence, Documentation, Proper Packaging of all Types of Physical Evidence, Chain of Custody Issues, Evidence Definitions; Physical Evidence Forms for State Laboratory requests, and Agency Policy elements. Mock evidence of all types will be presented for the students to have hands-on training. Extracting physical evidence from your "old cold cases" will also be a discussed. Feel free to bring your evidence questions or problems to our course to solve and discuss.


500 Series Certification
Minimum Experience: 5 years
Certification Exam: Required
Minimum Requirement: 9 units

Topics covered during this certification program includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Basics of Crime Scene Examinations

  • Forensics For A Better Case

  • Basics of The Crime Scene and/or Identification Section Manager

  • Coming up to Standards for Agency Accreditation

  • Crime Laboratory Evidence Examination and Documentation

  • ABC's of a New Crime Scene and/or Latent Print UNIT Equipment, Personnel and Facility

  • Latent Print Chemical Processing

  • Latent Print Lifting Techniques

  • Report Writing for the Forensic Examiner

  • ABC's of Evidence Preservation, Custody, and Laboratory Examinations

  • Property and Evidence Management

  • Crime Scene Techniques for the Correction Officer

  • Forensic Light Source Examination (Includes Detection, Collection and Preservation of Light Source Physical Evidence)

  • Courtroom Demeanor for the Forensic Witness

Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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