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Certified Emergency Operation Center Specialist (CEOCS)


This Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Certification program provides a unique approach to the operation and coordination among first responders and within the Intelligence Community. This program focuses on public safety, emergency management, homeland security response strategies, communication, administration, and logistic needs. This program prepares program managers and operations officers, watch officers for supporting homeland security efforts; and manage coordinate efforts, information, and support to the incident management team and response/recovery coordination activities.


(9 Courses)
500 Series Certification
Minimum Experience: 2 years

Certification Exam: Required

Sector-Specific Courses:


  • Incident Management

  • Operational Planning

  • Disaster Logistics

  • Emergency Communications

  • Service to Disaster Victims

  • Continuity Programs

  • Public Disaster Communications

  • Integrated Preparedness

  • Hazard Mitigation


* (This doesn’t apply to applicants who meet the certification exam requirements and are accepted candidates under VA LACAS and Military COOL programs)

Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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