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Certified Homeland Security Specialist

Offered by the C4SEM with continuing studies and corporate education, this certificate program is designed for personnel working in the areas of counter-terrorism, public safety, security management, and law enforcement; executives in corporations responsible for overseeing in-house homeland security programs; and information technology professionals. Candidates interested in enhancing their future career prospects may also benefit from this program by broadening their studies to encompass security within public and private industries. The program focuses on the complexities of homeland and national security, providing executives, managers, and practitioners with exceptional professional education.


(9 Courses)
500Series Certification
Minimum Experience: 2 years
Certification Exam: Required


Sector-Specific Courses:


  • Incident Management

  • Operational Planning

  • Disaster Logistics

  • Emergency Communications

  • Service to Disaster Victims

  • Continuity Programs

  • Public Disaster Communications

  • Integrated Preparedness

  • Hazard Mitigation

  • IS-860.c - The National Infrastructure Protection Plan

  • IS-842.a - NEMIS HMGP System

  • More...


* (This doesn’t apply to applicants who meet the certification exam requirements and are accepted candidates under VA LACAS and Military COOL programs)

Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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