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Certified Physical Security Specialist (CPSS)

The Physical Security Specialist Program is an advanced physical security certification program designed to provide knowledge of physical security systems and procedures as defined by the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Risk Management Process for Federal Facilities (RMP) and the Design Base Threat (DBT). The physical security survey/assessment process is the common thread used in teaching this program. This includes conceptual security considerations, vulnerability assessments, and familiarization with hardware and procedures. A comprehensive practical exercise is followed by a formal presentation of the survey results by each survey group.


(9 units) 500 Series Certification

Minimum Experience: 5 years

Exam: Required


 General Cross-Sector Courses and Materials

  • IS-860.b: Introduction to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan

  • IS-921.a: Implementing Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience


Security Awareness Training Courses

  • IS-906: Workplace Security Awareness

  • IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do

  • IS-912: Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hidden Hazards

  • IS-914: Surveillance Awareness:  What You Can Do

  • IS-915: Protecting Critical Infrastructure against Insider Threat 

  • IS-916: Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft and Diversion – What You Can Do 


* (Doesn’t apply to an applicant who meets the certification exam requirements and is accepted candidates under VA LACAS and Military COOL programs)

Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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