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Counter Terrorism

C4SEM-CT-100 Introduction to Terrorism

24 Clock Hours


This course provides an in-depth introduction to the methods used by a terrorist or terrorist group. It includes a preface to the terrorist organization's hierarchical structure, the training methods, funding, and intelligence-gathering techniques, the operational phases of a terrorist attack, and the progression of target selection.


  • Define the term, Terrorist

  • Define the primary goals and objectives of terrorism

  • Discuss the components of a terrorist cell and their functions

  • Discuss Terrorists mission

  • Explain the characteristics of a terrorist operation

  • Explain terrorist operational phases

  • Overview of historic terrorist events and Their affect on law enforcement in the United States

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C4SEM-CT-101 International Terrorism

24 Clock Hours


This course provides a thorough examination of International Terrorist Organizations with a particular focus on activities, including organizations’ primary influences and ideologies, and sources of funding. In addition, this course includes an overview of past terrorist attacks against U.S. interests domestically and globally and the growing potential based on current vulnerabilities.


  • Define International Terrorism

  • Discuss the recent National Intelligence Report

  • Discuss various international terrorist groups

  • Discuss the influences and ideologies behind various international terrorist groups

  • Identify the State Sponsors of Terrorism

  • Identify current vulnerabilities

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C4SEM-CT-102 Terrorist Tactics and Training

24 Clock Hours


This course provides a systematic examination and evaluation of terrorist tactics and training through the captured video footage retrieved from terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan that illustrates the tactics and training techniques used to train Al-Qaeda and other operatives. Students will learn the various types of techniques and operations that these operatives may employ and be able to identify strategies and countermeasures to prevent or interrupt these attacks.


  • Discuss the various types of training provided to a terrorist operative

  • Discuss the components of operational terrorist training and preparation

  • Discuss scenarios related to targeted assassinations and/or kidnappings

  • Identify the type of drills conducted at the firing range

  • Discuss the viability of motorcycles as a mode of a terrorist attack

  • Identify the tactics used by terrorist operatives for room and/or facility entry

  • Identify the purpose of role players as a method of operational training


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C4SEM-CT-103 Funding Terrorism

24 Clock Hours


This course provides an overview and examination of traditional and organized crimes that have been identified as the means of funding terrorist organizations, including human trafficking, money laundering, currency counterfeiting, credit card fraud, narcotics smuggling, coupon fraud, trademark infringement, illegal diamond/mineral smuggling, and kidnapping.


  • Define the characteristics of terrorist funding

  • List the sources of terrorist funds

  • Discuss money laundering and other criminal activities used by terrorist organizations to fund terrorism

  • Describe the difference between criminal and terrorist money laundering

  • Discuss how terrorist organizations move their funds

  • Describe ways to recognize suspicious transactions

  • Explain the Hawala system

  • Discuss how charitable donations obtain a criminal taint from terrorism

  • List resources available to combat terrorist funding


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C4SEM-CT-104 Suicide Attacks-Vehicle Borne - IED

24 Clock Hours


This course provides an in-depth review and evaluation of behavioral indicators and methodologies associated with suicide bombers and suicide attacks, including self-sacrificing attackers, and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs). It includes the principles associated with VBIEDs, the methods, and tactics used to screen vehicles, and addresses vulnerabilities and procedural safety issues.


  • Discuss the types of suicide attacks

  • Identify the stages in the evolution of a suicide attacker

  • Identify the delivery methods of an improvised explosive device (IED) by a suicide attacker

  • Describe the evolution and spread of pedestrian-borne suicide bombings

  • Identify the hierarchical and organizational structures that support a suicide attack

  • Describe the strategic benefits associated with carrying out a suicide attack

  • Discuss the visual behavioral indicators associated with a pedestrian-borne/suicide bomber

  • Identify the components utilized to construct a suicide bomber’s IED

  • Identify the individual behavioral indicators associated with a vehicle-borne suicide attack

  • Identify the vehicular indicators associated with a vehicle-borne suicide attack

  • Identify the policy regarding the identification of and response to a suicide attacker

  • Identify effects caused by the detonation of an IED

  • Identify types of injuries caused by the detonation of an IED


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C4SEM-CT-105 Weapons of Mass Destruction

24 Clock Hours


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Chemical/Biological/Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) agents and devices, including a review of terrorist groups that would use such agents, the methods of agent deployment or dissemination, the identification of symptoms that result in mass casualty patterns, and a definition of responsibilities of the First and Secondary Responder at the scene of a suspected release of a CBRN agent.


  • Define Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

  • Discuss Nuclear/Radiological Weapons used by terrorists

  • Define the term Dirty Bomb

  • Identify the limitations of the use of Biological-Chemical materials

  • Identify various deployment and dissemination devices

  • List and describe the classes of Biological agents

  • List and describe various Biological weapons used by terrorists

  • List and describe various Chemical weapons used by terrorists

  • Identify and discuss possible targeted locations of terrorist attacks


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C4SEM-CT-106 The Al-Qaeda Network

24 Clock Hours


This course provides an evaluation of the development of the Al-Qaeda Network from its inception through the attacks of September 11, 2001, with a particular focus on the political instability model and how the political environment influences international policies that fostered the development of the first transnational terrorist organization.


  • Explain the origins of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization

  • Identify and discuss the goals and ideology of Al-Qaeda

  • Define the terms: Jihad, Fatwah and Mujahideen  

  • Explain al Qaeda's opposition to the U.S. and the West

  • List al-Qaeda's main anti-U.S. activities to date

  • Explain the significance of the Al-Qaeda Manual

  • Define and discuss Al-Qaeda’s influence since September 11, 2001


C4SEM-CT-107 Introduction to Islam

24 Clock Hours


This course provides an introduction to the Islamic religion, including the beliefs and terms related to the religion and the root and causation of Radical Islamism. It provides a specific focus on terrorist activities such as ideology recruitment, ideology, and propaganda.


  • Explain a brief history of Islam

  • Explain and discuss Muslim beliefs and ideology

  • Explain and discuss the Quran and Hadith

  • List and discuss the five pillars of Islam

  • Identify Muhammed

  • Define the term Jihad

  • Discuss the Sunni-Shia split

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