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Certified Intelligence Analyst Specialist (CIAS)
THIS CERTIFICATION IS ONLY OFFERED TO GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL (QUALIFIED GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEES WILL NEED APPROVAL). Certified Intelligence Analyst Specialist (CIAS) is designed as a "stand-alone" certification or can serve as a "step-up" program into the Certificate Counter Terrorism Specialist (CCTS) program. CIAS provides an understanding of the role and function of the Intelligence Community and the fundamental principles of intelligence analysis strategies. The principal issues with analysis are associated with modern international terrorism and efforts to counter it.  It also addresses the nature, roots, evolution, objectives, tactics, and organization of terrorism and terrorist groups; and the principal issues associated with modern international terrorism and efforts to counter it; and include the distinctions between terrorism and other forms of political violence, the reasons that individuals resort to terrorism, the place of terrorism in larger international conflicts, the rise of terrorism defined in terms of religion, the role of states in supporting or tolerating terrorism, and the possible use by terrorists of modern technology to cause mass destruction or disruption.


700 Series Certification
Minimum Experience: 5 years
Certification Exam: Required
Minimum Requirement: 24 units


Sector-Specific Courses:

  • Basic Intelligence and Threat Analysis Course (BITAC) 

  • Critical Thinking and Analytic Methods (CTAM)

  • Introduction to Risk Analysis Course

  • Intermediate Risk Analysis Course

  • Principles of Intelligence Writing and Briefing (PIWB)

  • Foundations in Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT)

  • Intelligence Analyst Professional Development Program (IAPDP)

  • Intermediate Fusion Center Analyst Training: Analysis and Terrorism Prevention

  • Intermediate Fusion Center Analyst Training: Strategic Analysis and Oral Briefings

  • Law Enforcement Analyst Program 

  • ODNI Analysis 101

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting Analysis 

  • Suspicious Activity Reporting: The Analytic Role

Center for Security and Emergency Management (C4SEM). Homeland Security Training and Certification Academy
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